Healthcare IT Consultancy Services
Our expertise in Healthcare IT implementation will provide a platform for your organization to achieve your business objectives and growth in your core competencies.
Our services across the board form a part our offering.

Implementation / Change Management is a challenge not only from the economical or technical aspects, but more so with the human factor. The human factor required for successful transformation accounts for a large portion of the obstacles that are faced by this industry.Our team will assist you in various facets of IT Infrastructure, Implementation, Training and Support during and after the Computerization, keeping in mind the overall business objective and plan.

To overcome the challenges and difficulties of getting the IT enablement, we have expertise in offering you solutions to assist you and your team with the successful implementation of hospital ERP, change management processes and the continuous Training and Support requirements on all fronts.

To achieve your goals, we will be following the below mentioned approach / activities
• IT Infrastructure Consultation and setup
• Requirements & Planning
• Process / workflow Driven Approach (Areas identification for IT enablement)
• Innovative Implementation Tools (Human factor included)
• Training Programs (Basics & Advanced)
• Change Management Methodology

Consultancy for Design, deploy and implement an enterprise-wide IT Infrastructure to enable scalability, Uptime and affordability. We create the best Healthcare IT Economic Model to minimize ‘Total-Cost-of-Ownership’ (TCO) to attain maximum ‘Return-on-Investment’ (ROI). Our expertise involves engaging with all the stakeholders in the healthcare delivery system to bring Secured and Cost Effective implementation of IT-Enabled enterprise to ensure you do not lose focus on the Patient Care and Healthcare delivery!

Our services
Project Management
• Project Planning
• Activities Scheduling
• Change Management
• Business Process Management
• Business Process Re-Engineering
• Documentation
• Risk Management & Mitigation

Stakeholder Management
• Hospital Management, Administrators and End Users
• External suppliers / vendors

• Workflow Study / Mapping
• Business Process Mapping
• Installation of Software
• Installation of Interface Components (if any)
• Master Data – Verification & Validation of Master Data
• Dry / Parallel Runs
• Go – Live activities

• Basic Training (Computer / Technology / Software)
• End User Training – Healthcare IT / Hospital Software Systems

Maintenance & Support
• Hardware
• Network
• Software
• AMC tracking

Help Desk Management
• Establish IT Help Desk
• Remote Support Services
• Resources / Manpower to attend and resolve issues

IT Infrastructure
Procurement & Installation
• IT Components – Server / Client Hardware
• Network / Communication
• System Software (OS, Database & any other required system software)
• System Protection – Anti Virus, Firewalls

• Setup
• Installation
• Configuration