Web, social media and mobility have changed the ways businesses, brands or organizations connect with, interact with and engage with the people. Digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace and digital marketing campaigns can generate a higher ROI when you align it with your marketing goals. Our digital media team analyzes your business needs, target audience, marketing goals and devise a 360 degree digital marketing plan that helps you-

• Generate revenue and brand value
• Earn social signals for your site.
• Provide efficient customer support
• Attract customers and increase customer engagement
• Managing your online reputation
• Build a community of happy and satisfied customers

We believe that your website is your own authoritative digital asset where you can curate information and knowledge, communications and execute transactions. The look and feel of your website can directly influence how potential customers view your business. Providing rich user-experience on your website, not only helps your site visitors feel comfortable using your site, but also improves your site’s conversion rates. We are a team with diverse expertise unified with a passion to partner with you to create and enhance your digital asset!

Our focus areas:
People extensively utilize the power of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for finding relevant information about products, services from reliable and authoritative resources. Search engines are important channels from where most of the prospective users land up on your website. This is where the Search Engine Optimization steps in.

We do the initial brainstorming to analyze what your target market and prospective user is looking for and how they use search engines to find it. Once this is analyzed, we build our strategy around your website, that focuses on delivering exactly what your potential users are looking for on search engines.We invest our time, effort and resources for extensive keyword analysis and research, competitive analysis, internal linking, usability, user experience and all required on-page search engine optimization activities.

We first ensure that your website is crawled by all popular search engine bots and gets indexed by them and then start focusing on We then start building user traffic and brand awareness on your optimized website to through authorized link building, directory Submission, article Submission, user engagement and other proven off-page SEO techniques.The efforts are towards creating a prominent placement for your website in search results.

With a huge traffic engaged on social networking sites the Social Web is becoming a way of life. We help you connect and engage with people and build communities of your satisfied customers/ clients, by setting-up and managing your social profiles across various social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Besides, there are different ways that people may want to interact with your brand.

Features that enable discussion and collaboration, blogs, webinars, social annotations, social extensions can be embedded on your website to support and foster social interactions. We customize facebook pages and develop facebook apps. We create online community of clients / customers around various topics and help you organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner. We enable personal conversations with customers using various messaging tools like Facebook Messenger, Direct Messages on Twitter, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, Hike, etc.

We see people increasingly favoring their mobile devices over desktop computers. If you ignore this platform and if you’re not providing a mobile-friendly experience for your visitors, they’ll bounce off your website. Besides, responsive web design improves crawling efficiency of Googlebot user agents, which indirectly helps Google index. We design and develop custom mobile applications, create responsive or mobile friendly websites and optimize your website for mobile.

We use analytical reporting tools and metrics to track and measure your marketing goals. It is very important to measure which mode of marketing brings in more web traffic. Analytics give you a glimpse into your customers, their sentiment towards your brand and products, their interests and needs. Analytics comprises of analysis of collecting information about a user’s online activity over time, user’s interests and preferences, trends and user behavior, traffic analysis, traffic source analysis, etc. Typical social media metrics include Likes, fans, followers, views etc. Reports of the monitoring and analytics will help you to spend wisely on the most productive marketing channels for your site.

Website content plays an important role not just in educating the user of your business but in helping search engines rank your site higher in search engine results. We create fresh, exclusive and engaging content and bringing in greater organic search traffic. Content writing integrated with social media, creating social signals for your site. High quality digital content, like audio-visual or graphical content or interactive presentations, e-books, e-newsletters, on recent trends in your industry, can be produced and published to cater the information in an engaging and simplified manner.